Creative photos and essays from the San Juan Islands



When I first moved to the island, I was acutely aware that every car, truck, or tractor I saw had to get here by water aboard a ferry. This 1928 Marmon is finishing out its island life as lawn sculpture, but might have been zipping up and down San Juan Valley even when I arrived over 40 years ago.   It would have been over forty years old at the time, and that’s 132 in car years!

That tree growing through the sun roof replaces the many teenagers who no doubt toodled around enjoying that clattery purr we now only hear in our heads, either from memories (oldsters) or from old black and white movies us young’ns have seen. The only sentient being behind the wheel now is a mouse or two at night.

Ah, the night. The current steward of this antique vehicle has rigged up low voltage lights that glow eerily all the time.  After dark you round a curve and these orbs glow a dim yellow from the woods, totally unexpected and a bit unnerving.   I ask, “Honey, what’s the name of this road?”  And she replies with a straight face, “Sleepy Hollow Lane, and that’s the headlight horseman.”

Photo location: Hippie Hill, San Juan Island (exact location vague to protect the owner’s privacy)

This is an online photo of what the Marmon would have looked like 84 years ago when new.


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